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EGFF, Cardiff

United Kingdom




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Action Updated From Information about Services, Ground Transportation, Facilities and Local Attractions
01.08.22 Denis Canet
Overnight stop 30-31st July 2022 with an SR22. Used Global Trek aviation as handler. Signature flight is also a possibility, as well as the flying club (Aeros Flight training). The club will not charge fees, but we went with Global Trek for extended hours of operations (flying club is only available 08h30 - 17h30 LT), as well as for arranging a taxi to and from the city. Their service was first class. Landing fee £19.00. Handling fee £60.00. Overnight parking £15.00. Airport tax ("Cardiff Airport Policing charge") £4.00 (it is £2.00 per metric ton). Passenger departure charge (for each passenger in excess of the crew of 2): £ 17.30.
My grade: Fair enough - it's a flat place to crash    Category:  
11.07.08 Peter Geldard
Cooperative 'International' Airport which mixes Commercial with GA very smoothly and well.
On landing you will be asked "where you want to park". You have the option of 'North' side - which is the main terminal - and where Handling is compulsory; or 'South' side - which is the Cardiff Flying Club where there is no Handling Charge (and likewise 'no' Handling!). The Handling Fee (June 2008) is £34.64 + VAT. Both North & South have the same Landing Fee - which includes 4 hours parking - £21 + VAT; and both charge the same £15 + VAT Parking Fee for extra 24 hrs.

The Advantage/Disadvantage of North/South is dependent on what Facilties you require.
North Side: Signature Flight Support [01446 712637] have their own lounge and can arrange transport etc. They are also the Agents for Fueling which is more easily accomplished on the North side. If you need fuel on the 'South' side you must (via the Flying Club) arrange for the fuel delivery truck to come from the North or taxi to the North. At busy movement times this can involve a long wait since it needs a crossing of the main runway.
The North side has all the airport commercial facilities i.e. Restaurants, taxis, airport buses, plus the airport hotels are located on this side.
South Side: This is where most GA parking occurs since (as mentioned above) it saves a Handling Fee, but this comes with a certain lack of facilities. The area and the Flying Club have a slight 'worn out' and 'tired' feel. Both North & South are very security conscious so getting through control doors (Hi-Viz jackets compulsory) can be laborious. The Flying Club has an up-stairs viewing lounge and a cafe with a rather limited menu and opening times. The Club can order a taxi but as it is over 12 miles into Cardiff the cost is rather prohibitive. The Airport Shuttle Coach direct to Cardiff, and another which links with the local railway station, only go from the North. The cheapest way into Cardiff is to go by rail from Rhoose station (which is conveniently on the South side) - but the shuttle bus from the North which connects with this does not visit the south side. One gets the impression that people like myself who do use the train are considered by the locals as rather eccentric since 'rarely has anyone done this before'!
To get to Rhoose station is a 15 minute walk along rather rough pavements so a 'set of wheels' for one's luggage would prove useful. After leaving the Flying Club one turns right, along Rhoose Road and one block after a small roundabout one turns left down the hill to the (unsigned) station. There is an hourly train at 06, which takes 30 minutes into Cardiff central. REMEMBER the route since when you come back, the airport/flying club is not signed from the station in any way! The only indication of anything to do with flying is a RVP sign at the mini-roundabout! [Trains from Cardiff Central are at 41 minutes to the hour.] Depending on whether you have Rail Cards etc. the train is about £3 each way.

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  Fuel and Operating Supply Information
Action Type Grade   Pricing   Payment Vendor Additional Information Updated
Avgas 100LL GBP  EUR 4.01 Aeros through Global Trek Aviation no VAT since departing to France. VAT would have been 20% on top.  01.08.22
EUR   11.07.08
Avgas 100LL GBP  EUR -2.00 Signature Flight Support [01446 712637]   11.07.08
Avgas 100LL GBP  EUR 1.48   01.07.01
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  Airport Fee Information
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