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LEMG, Malaga





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  Pilot reports from pilots who have been there...
Action Updated From Information about Services, Ground Transportation, Facilities and Local Attractions
27.12.21 Ivo Smutny
Piper Jetprop. Two nights parking. Ridiculously expensive!!! We have paid around Euro 1000,- especially due to stupid "so called" security tax - 60 Euro - when each pax is crossing the x-ray frame either way in and out... and extremely expensive handling fee. You can't do anything about that... Simply avoid.
My grade: I wouldn't land there if my engine stopped!    Category:  
23.05.14 Arndt Lauterbach
Handling mandatory! Refueling took more than 1 hr: wrong truck (100LL), inop cardreader, refused to accept foreign VAT ID Number; EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!
My grade: I wouldn't land there if my engine stopped!    Category:  
30.12.12 Rainer Calandri
For Malaga - like most major Spanish airports - it is now mandatory to have an handling agent. This is not mentioned in the Jeppesen airport directory and often not even in then notams. I was informed about this rule via the flight planning software (Rocket Route).
In Spain it is also helpful to have a valid VAT number. This makes things much easier and you can save some money on refueling, just say "commercial".
But anyway: The costs for landing etc. went dramatically up.
Here is the calculation:
Airport fee, landing parking (5 nights) 252.90 Euros
Handling agent (Servisair) 87.38 Euros.
Category:   Fuelstop   
03.01.09 Rainer Calandri
This airport is busy but uncomplicated and low in landing fees and parking. Five nights will cost you with a single about 60 Euros, all inclusive. You are in walking distance to the main terminal where you can get a rental car.

My grade: Excellent airport for General Aviation!    Category:  
19.12.07 maud darbois
efficient GA Terminal
Category:   Fuelstop   
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  Fuel and Operating Supply Information
Action Type Grade   Pricing   Payment Vendor Additional Information Updated
Avgas 100LL EUR airBP "commercial" with valid VAT number  04.01.13
Avgas 100LL EUR CLH Aviacion Malaga with VAT#  28.04.11
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  Airport Fee Information
Action Updated From Aircraft Class Type Fees Charged Remarks
08.05.14 Arndt Lauterbach
Single < 2 to. P46T One night Stop: Handling 160€; Landing fee 218,68 €; Security+infrastructure 158,90€, Airport Tax 38,75€ EXTREMLY EXPENSIVE
30.12.12 Rainer Calandri
Single < 2 to. M20T 340.18 Euros incl. 5 days parking. Parking is about 12 Euros per night.
28.04.11 Dr. Matthias Winkler
Single < 2 to. M20K 144,70 Landing 94,65, Parking 27,98 (4 nights) + 18%VAT
03.01.09 Rainer Calandri
Single < 2 to. M20T Five nights about 60 Euros, Landingfee and Parking
18.12.07 maud darbois
Single < 2 to. c182 14,99 euros for landing
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