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LIPN, Verona Boscomantico
Verona, Italy




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Action Updated From Information about Services, Ground Transportation, Facilities and Local Attractions
11.07.19 Hans-Peter Keller
Friendly helpfull people
Parking on the south side (grass), not on the big apron north
My grade: Excellent airport for General Aviation!    Category:   City access   
11.05.14 Adam Helms
Nice and friendly place, but no Avgas
Category:   Romantic getaway   
20.08.12 Thomas Di Angelo
No AVGAS at local aeroclub available! AVGAS Alternate LIDT Trento (34 NM) oder LIDH Thiene (27 NM) may be visited first. Arrival at San Martino waypoint ALT 1.000 ft. Heading 300 for 2 NM final RWY 26, otherwise you overshoot (field not easy to locate). "Tower" in good english. Parking fees 5 EUR/day/per ton. Landing 18,92 EUR (1.157 kg). Fill out form enter "zero" PAX, otherwise passenger fees become due. Rental car FIAT Qubo 150 EUR/2 days/400 km/incl. full cover insurance with info@veronarentacar.com. Car will be delivered. Enter Departure point in the cars GPS or make sure "Via Angelo Aeroporto Beradi" is in the database, otherwise you will not return to the field. RWY with summer density altitude and MTOW appears long enough. SHORT FIELD take-off procedure recommended. Taxiing from parking position to holding point with RUNWAY CROSSING (northbound) to opposing taxiway. Contact Padua Information after T/O with border crossing waypoint e.g. GIRIS and estimate time. Direction LOWI immediate climb with Vy to FL 115.
da Lunedì a Venerdì dalle ore 09.00 alle ore 19.00
Sabato e Domenica dalle ore 08.30 alle ore 20.30
von Montag bis Freitag taeglich 09:00-19:00 Uhr
Sa & So 08:30-20:30 Uhr
Mo to Fr 09:00-19:00
Sa & Su 08:30-20:30
Restaurant all days except Monday
maintenance JAR 145 Avio Technologies ™ fax.: +39 045 485 6603

Category:   City access   
17.07.07 Klaus Riffart
July 2007 LIPN, great place for GA. They have Avgas now !
Paid 22 Euro per night inkl. landing for a SR 22
Taxi to down town Verona 18 Euro (same as Villa Franka)
Nice poeple
My grade: Excellent airport for General Aviation!    Category:  
10.09.05 Thomas Engel
From Bardolino, Lago di Garda to LIPN Verona Boscomantico appr. 24 km by car/taxi. Working days Tuesday - Sunday. Mondays closed. Pls do not climb the fence and start without permission. Flightplan necessary. English spoken. No Gasoline avl. Next gas station at Trento LIDT. Summer starts above 30°C - pls check your density altitude start parameters! Otherwise you will see the roofs of the beautiful villas on the east of the field too close!
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  Fuel and Operating Supply Information
Action Type Grade   Pricing   Payment Vendor Additional Information Updated
Avgas 100LL EUR Still no Avgas aviable for public sale  11.05.14
Avgas 100LL EUR no Avgas available, contrary to infos on website  28.03.11
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  Airport Fee Information
Action Updated From Aircraft Class Type Fees Charged Remarks
11.05.14 Adam Helms
Single < 2 to. M20P 44 Incl parking over night
20.08.12 Thomas Di Angelo
Single < 2 to. C 172 18,92 parking fees 5 EUR/day/per ton
28.03.11 Armin Mueller
Twin < 5,7 to. C 303 47,52 incl. 5 h of parking
17.07.07 Klaus Riffart
Single < 2 to. SR 22 44 Euro for 2 nights inkl landing ect..
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  Images of this airport
Submitted 11.07.19 by Hans-Peter Keller [kellair]
Airportview from Downwind
Submitted 11.07.19 by Hans-Peter Keller [kellair]
Aeroclub + Restaurant
Submitted 23.08.12 by Thomas Di Angelo [eddm]
Submitted 10.09.05 by Thomas Engel [edml]
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