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LIRQ, Peretola
Firenze, Italy




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Homepage: www.aeroporto.firenze.it/en/ 
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  Pilot reports from pilots who have been there...
Action Updated From Information about Services, Ground Transportation, Facilities and Local Attractions
20.06.22 Anthony Gomes
Training flights prohibited and handling mandatory.
Info obtained by email : Sara.Girolami@toscana-aeroporti.com
My grade: It's a ripoff but I have seen worse    Category:  
14.10.18 Mathias Mühlhofer
PPR hard to get (they claim they have no space) but if you get it, the airport is very close to town (car2go available, bus, taxi), fast and friendly
My grade: It's a ripoff but I have seen worse    Category:   City access   
17.06.06 Horst Kozljanic
PPR for parking 24 before landing mandatory. The best thing to do is via Fax on Delta Airtaxi No. 0039 055 301092 (Tel. 0039 055 300450)
Category:   City access   
15.09.05 Andreas Riedel
It can be very busy than they are asking for PPR with number for parking no landing possible without the number. Handling is expensive and the GA terminal is on the opposite site of the general airport buildings. Transport to and from the plane is via a shuttle from the handling agent. Very expensive.
Category:   City access   
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  Fuel and Operating Supply Information
Action Type Grade   Pricing   Payment Vendor Additional Information Updated
Avgas 100LL EUR Air BP Info May 2018  14.10.18
Avgas 100LL EUR   16.10.11
Avgas (Taxfree) 100LL EUR   28.08.05
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  Airport Fee Information
Action Updated From Aircraft Class Type Fees Charged Remarks
14.10.18 Mathias Mühlhofer
Single < 2 to. PA46 265,88 (Landing 15,84 Takeoff 15,84, Parking 10,40/day, Pax Departure 49,05 City 32,50 Handling 70,- Weekend Surcharge 35,- etc) Landing, 1 night, 4 pax
16.10.11 Armin Mueller
Twin < 5,7 to. C303 175 €
17.06.06 Horst Kozljanic
Single < 2 to. C182 131 € Zusammensetzung aus 9 versch. Gebühren
19.11.05 Friedrich Buntz
Twin < 5,7 to. C 421 189 €
30.08.05 Andreas Riedel
Twin < 2 to. PA30B Landing € 100,19 Zusammengesetzt aus 8 verschiedenen Gebühren
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