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LOWL, Linz




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Homepage: www.linz-airport.at/www/cm/bda/de/gac/conditions_of_use.html 
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  Pilot reports from pilots who have been there...
Action Updated From Information about Services, Ground Transportation, Facilities and Local Attractions
06.06.17 Martial Widemann
Nice and friendly staff. Check bus schedule manage your arrival time according to the bus, otherwise you have to wait up to an hour or drive with a taxi (expensive) to city center. Linz is not a very special town. I have seen nicer cities...
My grade: Fair enough - it's a flat place to crash    Category:   City access   
25.05.14 Hanspeter Brunner
Nice view for landing. Easy handling, nice staff.
My grade: Excellent airport for General Aviation!    Category:   Fuelstop    City access   
27.09.13 Samuel Pluess
Unkompliziert & effizient
Jede Stunde fährt ein Bus zum HB Linz, ausser Sonntags. Gratis Shuttle zum Bahnhof Hörsching
My grade: Excellent airport for General Aviation!    Category:   Fuelstop    City access   
16.01.10 AID Staff
Nice and easy airfield with good ground tranportation
My grade: Your average airport for the area    Category:  
24.07.07 Christopher Vitz
Sehr unkompliziert. Die hübschen Mädels am GAT sind schon eine Landung wert. Aber auch sonst funktioniert alles so, wie man sich das wünscht.

Die Altstadt hat viel Kultur und gute Restaurants.

Mittelmeerfisch beim "Kleinen Griechen", Altstadt.
Pöstlingsberg mit tollem Stadtblick und Restaurant
Pöstlingsbahn. Steilste Friktionseisenbahn der Welt
My grade: Excellent airport for General Aviation!    Category:   Fuelstop    City access   
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  Fuel and Operating Supply Information
Action Type Grade   Pricing   Payment Vendor Additional Information Updated
Jet A1 EUR inkl. 20% VAT  23.10.21
Avgas 100LL EUR incl. Tax  06.06.17
Avgas 100LL EUR Shell Austria inkl. 20 % VAT  23.06.12
Avgas 100LL EUR   12.06.11
Avgas 100LL EUR   08.09.10
Avgas 100LL EUR   09.05.10
Avgas 100LL EUR   09.09.06
Jet A1 EUR   01.06.04
Avgas 100LL EUR   01.06.04
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  Airport Fee Information
Action Updated From Aircraft Class Type Fees Charged Remarks
26.03.18 Christian Simbeck
Single < 2 to. C-195 35,24€ landing, 7,04€ parking (6 h), 23,12€ IFR-approach
06.06.17 Martial Widemann
Single < 2 to. TB21 48.- incl. IFR approach charge, landing fee and parking for 1 day
16.06.14 Martin Felenda
Single < 2 to. Cirrus SR 22T 52,15 landing fees incl. approach tax
25.05.14 Hanspeter Brunner
Single < 2 to. DA40 €36 landing fee and handling (did not stay over night)
18.10.13 Egon Steiner
Single < 2 to. P46T 59.45 Euro
27.09.13 Samuel Pluess
Twin < 2 to. DA42 € 56.55 Landing fee & AustroControl € 6.40 parking fee for 24h
03.07.13 Egon Steiner
Single < 2 to. P46T 66 Euro Landing and Parking
23.06.12 Klaus-P. Sternemann
Single < 2 to. PA28-161 18,55 € Landing, add'l 15,05 € Austrocontrol Fee for Arrival + Departure no parking fee for 1 hr. stop
16.01.10 AID Staff
Twin < 5,7 to. PA-31T1 EUR 130 for landing, approach and one night parking
28.10.07 Dr. E. Leopold Dieck
Twin < 2 to. PA34 Landing 23,77€, Handling 26,16€, Parking 1 night n4,75€
24.07.07 Christopher Vitz
Single < 2 to. M 20T Ldg. und Parken € 46,- inkl. Flugsicherungsgebühr
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  Images of this airport
Submitted 16.01.10 by AID Staff [aid-staff]
Arriving from the west
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