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EGKB, Biggin Hill

United Kingdom




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Homepage: www.bigginhillairport.com/ 
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Action Updated From Information about Services, Ground Transportation, Facilities and Local Attractions
08.10.16 Ivo Smutny
I absolutely agree with posting below ! Great experience !
My grade: Excellent airport for General Aviation!    Category:   Fuelstop    City access    Aviation heritage   
18.07.16 Dominik Tschon
Really T h e G A airport for a London trip. Friendly staff, and the fees are not that expensive.
My grade: Excellent airport for General Aviation!    Category:   Fuelstop    City access   
16.02.15 Rainer Calandri
This is THE GA airport for London. Most of the others got some sort of restrictions, but this one is easy. They changed the rules for entering the UK, so you are advised to send a customs form found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/general-aviation-operators-and-pilots-notification-of-flights. I did not know but had no problem with customs, they where friendly.
To go to the city you might take a bus, just opposite the street. Line 320 gets you to Bromley South Station. There you might buy an prepaid Oyster card for all Greater London Transport and take the train to Victoria Station.
And you do still not need a handling agent and even without handling we got a free coffee. Nice!
My grade: Excellent airport for General Aviation!    Category:   Fuelstop    City access   
06.08.05 Jan Brill
Great access point for London. Not cheap but very convenient. Take the cab or the airport limousine (ask at the desk) to the trainstation (10 mins, 8 GBP) and then the express train to Victoria Station (18 mins, 3 GBP). You can make engine-stop/downtown in less than 45 mins.
Service oriented and quick. Handling in EGKB is NOT MANDATORY, if you don't need it just polietly decline.

Departure: There is an AIS office on site where you can file your flightplan directly.
My grade: Excellent airport for General Aviation!    Category:   City access   
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  Fuel and Operating Supply Information
Action Type Grade   Pricing   Payment Vendor Additional Information Updated
Jet A1 GBP  EUR .94 Biggin Hill Airport LTD   06.05.17
Avgas 100LL GBP  EUR 1.92 +20% GST & -.36p/l for export (claim back)  11.07.15
Avgas 100LL EUR   26.09.07
Avgas 100LL GBP  EUR 1.66 When flying out of the UK you can get the VAT refunded later via check. Works.  06.08.05
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  Airport Fee Information
Action Updated From Aircraft Class Type Fees Charged Remarks
10.02.18 Olivier Ruedin
Single < 2 to. P46T LDG : 68.52£ (INTL), PKG: 21.96£/Night [incl VAT] Hangar 99£/Night
18.07.16 Dominik Tschon
Single < 2 to. PA46 Landing Fee 51.1 GBP, Parkinf Fee 17.10 GBP per night Plus 20% VAT
16.02.15 Rainer Calandri
Single < 2 to. PA46 Landing 53.40 GBP, parking 16,40 GBP per night
29.07.06 Henning Dammann-Emden
Single < 2 to. C 150 Landing 28.40 €, Parking 10.-€ day
25.06.06 AID Staff
Twin < 2 to. PA30 Landing & 1 day parking: GBP 54,-
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  Images of this airport
Submitted 25.06.06 by AID Staff [aid-staff]
departing to the southwest
Submitted 25.08.05 by AID Staff [aid-staff]
Pilots lounge
Submitted 21.06.11 by Michael Stumpf [mstumpf]
Approach from the North / RWY 21
Submitted 25.08.05 by AID Staff [aid-staff]
Approach from the north
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Trip Report by: B. Quax F. 05.04.2013

Schreib kein Reisebericht,
nein behalte alles für dich und schweige, sag (oder besser schreib) kein Wort……………..! So viele Eindrücke und interessante Erlebnisse nicht zu teilen finde ich blöd. Wenn man es negativ betrachten will ... [read]

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Trip Report by: B. Quax F. 05.11.2014

Video Reisebericht England 2014 in drei Teilen
Diesmal die Idee mit einem Video Reisebericht (von einem anderen Piloten geklaut, aber mit Erlaubniss). Video Teil 1 enjoy besondern Dank wieder einmal an Philipp http://www.fliegen-in-uk.de/ und Achim ... [read]

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