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LFMP, Rivesaltes

Perpignan, France




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Action Updated From Information about Services, Ground Transportation, Facilities and Local Attractions
04.09.16 Friedrich renner
Perfect fuelstop , no need to leave the apron - will send landing invoice to operator. Quick turnaround.
My grade: Fair enough - it's a flat place to crash    Category:   Fuelstop   
16.08.15 Pierre VELLETAZ
Last airport before Spain / good airport for beaches in the region At landing (you have to request a free pkg lot 24h in advance / see VAC), you park at north GA parking, then you leave the airport simply by a one way door. At return, you have to go through security, ldg fee payement, car to your plane. It could take 30/45mn! If you need refuling, wery simple with Total Card. Otherwise, it is mich longuer! Bus to the city : line #7 every 1/2h (weekday)
My grade: Fair enough - it's a flat place to crash    Category:   Beach/Nature/Camping   
05.04.15 Michael Gugath
Not at all a busy airport in March 2015. Fast turn around, we had to wait for 1 hour for the fuel operator though. You need to have a Total Card! Around 25 Euros for a taxi to the city.
26.05.14 Adam Helms
Nice place for fuel stop and parking - a "big" airport so lot of "security" and waiting for car to drive you to/from the plane etc etc.
My grade: Your average airport for the area    Category:   Fuelstop   
03.01.09 Rainer Calandri
This is an average airport with low landing and parking fees. Interesting might be the approach, you can fly a seldom used dme arc and also a not so common circling approach. There are a lot of things that you can visit in the vicinity and the Pyrenees are close. Taxi to the city about 20 Euros.
My grade: Your average airport for the area    Category:   City access   
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  Fuel and Operating Supply Information
Action Type Grade   Pricing   Payment Vendor Additional Information Updated
Avgas 100ll EUR Total Card  18.04.17
Avgas 100LL EUR Total Self Service with total card; otherwise call tower for line boy.  04.09.16
Avgas 100LL EUR Total self service station If you do not have a Total Card you will need to wait for the operator (we waited for 1 hour)  05.04.15
Avgas 100LL EUR Total   26.05.14
Avgas 100LL EUR Total   28.05.13
Avgas 100LL EUR Total The service is Ok as long as no Commercial Traffic (Air France, Air Lingus) wants to refuel tons of Jet A1  16.07.12
Avgas 100LL EUR Fuel station near aero club  11.06.09
Avgas 100LL EUR   30.04.07
Avgas 100LL EUR   06.08.06
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  Airport Fee Information
Action Updated From Aircraft Class Type Fees Charged Remarks
31.03.15 Friedrich Renner
Single < 2 to. C210 25 Fuel stop-no need to leave apron for the cashier- will send the invoice to owner
28.05.13 Friedrich Renner
Single < 2 to. C210 18.50 Takes Time to reach the cashier in the mainterminal ! Pilot licence requ. To Enter
16.07.12 John Doe
Twin < 5,7 to. 13,90 Euro Good service and short refuel time. But take a goog look at the Airway chart. You must cross an active runway
11.06.09 Dr. Klaus Köber
Single < 2 to. PA28R € 0,00 for fuelstop
03.01.09 Rainer Calandri
Single < 2 to. M20T 10,86 Euros, Landing and Parking for 24 hours
06.08.06 Werner Heilos
Twin < 2 to. PA34 € 22,81 incl. 3 Tage Parken
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Trip Report by: Wolff E. 27.12.2014

Mein Flug nach viel Honig (Muchamiel)
Ich hatte mich, auch aufgrund der Tatsache, dass Lufthansa wieder mal streiken könnte (Armin, nicht böse sein), entschlossen, meinen Winter- (Sonnen) Urlaub nach Spanien selber zu fliegen. Denn nichts ... [read]

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