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LIPB, Bolzano




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  Pilot reports from pilots who have been there...
Action Updated From Information about Services, Ground Transportation, Facilities and Local Attractions
08.10.14 Henrik Knoblauch
Troublefree airport. Parking on grass seems not to be cheaper any more. Quick turnarrounds possible (we did it in 20 minutes including custom). Expensive for international arrivals.
My grade: Your average airport for the area    Category:  
26.08.11 Othmar Crepaz
If you can, park on grass - apron much more expensive!
27.06.10 Henrik Knoblauch
Friendly staff, but quite expensive if you come from international destinations (that includes Schengen countries!). It doubles the price. Also expensive passenger security fee (about 8€). 2h of parking are free. PA28 Arrow with one pax was about 40€ without parking.
My grade: Your average airport for the area    Category:  
22.08.07 Heinz ZIMMER
Nothing negative to report!! Helpfull tower controller, friendly staff after weather caused landing. 7 days grass parking ldg/to 16,50€
Category:   City access   
17.08.06 Otto Braasch
VFR pattern not standard and close. Service neither friendly nor cooperative. Briefing facility nil. Coffe bar in airport building. Taxi to town 5 minutes at € 8,00. Entry point to Alpine region of southern Tyrol, but for that I would choose Trento Mattarello LIDT instead.
My grade: Your average airport for the area    Category:   City access   
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  Fuel and Operating Supply Information
Action Type Grade   Pricing   Payment Vendor Additional Information Updated
Avgas 100LL EUR Aeroclub Bolzano You need to find a club member in order to get fuel.  28.08.07
Avgas 100LL EUR Bolzano Aeroclub I was given the impression that you depend on the goodwill of the Club for service  05.08.07
Avgas 100LL EUR Local aero club Price as of 30 MAY 06. No fuel on Monday. Fuel cheaper for club members. Time consuming search for pump manning.  17.08.06
Avgas 100LL EUR Aeroclub Bolzano   30.09.05
Avgas 100LL EUR   30.06.05
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  Airport Fee Information
Action Updated From Aircraft Class Type Fees Charged Remarks
08.10.14 Henrik Knoblauch
Single < 2 to. PA28 56€ (11€ Ldg, 13€ for each Pax, 10.50€ Security tax, 2€ PRM (?) fee, 18€ Boarding (?) fee 1 Pax, 1,50€ fire fighting fee 1 Pax.) Expensive for international flights
22.08.07 Heinz ZIMMER
Single < 2 to. PA28 ldg/to 4,88€, 7 days grass parking 11,62€ really not expensive
05.08.07 Nicholas Bartzelai
Single < 2 to. Elster Euro 10.75 landing and overnight fees
17.08.06 Otto Braasch
Single < 2 to. C172N Landing: € 11,44 Price at 30 MAY 06
19.11.05 Friedrich Buntz
Twin < 2 to. pa 34 39 €
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  Images of this airport
Submitted 05.04.15 by Gregor Hribernik [gregorh]
Approach from South (via Trento)
Submitted 05.04.15 by Gregor Hribernik [gregorh]
Final Rwy19
Submitted 02.06.14 by Michael Stumpf [stumpmic]
Approach from the North
Submitted 30.09.05 by Renzo Corvetta [renzoc]
Landing approach 19 from mandatory reporting point November (North)
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Trip Report by: Mark Juhrig 16.12.2018

Hallo liebe Foristen, dieses Jahr starte ich einmal den Thread mit den besten Bilder des Jahres in chronologischer Reihenfolge. Bitte ergänzen!!! Frohe Weihnachten, einen guten Rutsch and always safe fligths! ... [read]

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