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LPMA, Madeira




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Homepage: www.anam.pt/madeira 
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Action Updated From Information about Services, Ground Transportation, Facilities and Local Attractions
07.06.18 Marco Frosio
Scenic airport in the middle of the Atlantic. Landed there with a SR22 in VFR and we had a good welcome from the airport staff. There was not much wind so the approach was quite easy. Check accurately the weather before flying to LPMA. No handling was mandatory and no additional training required for the approach (be sure to meet the requirements on AIP). AVGAS fuel was quite expensive (around 3.8€ per liter) but worth the trip. Airport fees were low (compared to the airport dimensions and location) as they were around 40€ for a 2 days stop. Recommended!
My grade: Excellent airport for General Aviation!    Category:   City access    Aviation heritage    Romantic getaway    Beach/Nature/Camping   
05.02.12 Chris Hannen
Landing is easy if no wind and very difficult if winds get abouve 15kts, especially when the wind comes down the mountains. Little parking space, thereofore check before with airpot authority. No handling needed, in 2010 costs where very reasonable if arriving during daytime. If weather / wind ins critical consider landing in LPPS as alterative.
My grade: Your average airport for the area    Category:  
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  Fuel and Operating Supply Information
Action Type Grade   Pricing   Payment Vendor Additional Information Updated
Jet A1 EUR   01.12.04
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  Airport Fee Information
Action Updated From Aircraft Class Type Fees Charged Remarks
09.04.12 Gernot Vergeiner
Twin < 5,7 to. PAY1 EUR 73 Landing Fee
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Submitted 09.04.12 by Gernot Vergeiner [eagle]
RWY 23
Submitted 05.02.12 by Chris Hannen [jetpropch]
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Trip Report by: Gunter Haug 08.01.2013

Madeira und La Palma
Wie in der (vor?)letzten Ausgabe von P&F auch eine Winterflucht: Madeira und La Palma (kanarische Inseln) über Weihnachen und Neujahr. ... [read]

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