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KUT25, Monument Valley Airport
Gouldings Lodge
Goulding Monument Valley, United States




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29.12.11 E. Jung
Private Use is not meant as strict private. You can land any time. They would appreciate to stay overnight and take a tour trip. Please call www.gouldings.com before land. Take care: Land to south (16) only!! Start to north (34) only due to mountains. Strong tailwinds for takeoff - calculate one day more, to wait untile heavy tailwind is gone.
My grade: Fair enough - it's a flat place to crash    Category:   Romantic getaway   
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Trip Report by: E. Jung 17.01.2013

Fly around the US
Just found this site today. Last year I flew across the US. We've chartered a SR22 Turbo from Platninum (they closed business on 1st of Jan 2013). Monument Valey - fly to goldings.com (request landing ... [read]

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